Mineral system for seamless decoration of walls and floors

Life kwows no frontiers

New lifestyles, stimulating creativity and emotions. A world without barriers, where past and future, like walls. grounds, colors and materials take on new shapes and become as one. Wall2Floor by Novacolor is the ideal exaltation of classic and contemporary environments, with modern chromatic solutions, lights and materials contaminated by past and present.

Wall2Floor by Novacolor is a lime-based coating for the decoration of walls and floors in luxury interiors. Wall2Floor by Novacolor is a system composed by: Wall2Floor RASAL, Wall2Floor TOP COAT, Wall2Floor POLYURETHANE CLEAR FINISH BI-COMPONENT. Wall2Floor by Novacolor offers just as many design possibilities as you need, any element can be incorporated in the product, with almost infinite decorations, for a joint free floor surfaces.

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Technical Data Sheet

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