TeodoricoDecorative lime-based coating with gold, silver or bronze highlights for interiors and exteriors

TEODORICO is a lime-based coating for the decoration of interior and exterior walls. The product applied looks totally smooth and even, with metallic highlights, gold, silver and bronze, which give the surface highly sophisticated decorative features, in the context of an old tradition, reinterpreted in modern terms.

Apply with a stainless steel trowel in one coat. When the product starts to dry, level it down with a sponge trowel. If necessary wet the substrate with water. Before the wall is completely dry, polish it with the same inox trowel used to apply TEODORICO, and wet it with water, in order to bring to surface the metallic chips contained inside the product.

If required, protect with a further coat of CERA Deco-Wax.

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