Era a Pennello

Era a Penello"Latte di calce" paint made with seasoned lime for interiors and exteriors

Application of ERA lime paint, containing hydrated lime, colouring oxides and earths, linseed oil and rheologic modifiers, manufactured by Novacolor, Forlì, and applied with brush or roller (or spraygun) in two/three coats, diluted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The substrates will be previously treated as follows (choose your specific case and calculate this as a separate charge):

  • New natural lime plasters: the substrate should “mature” for a period of minimum 20 days; then apply ERA lime paint and wet thoroughly the wall in case of windy and extremely hot weather.
  • New or recent lime and cement mortars, premixed renderings, gypsum and plaster boards: apply one priming coat of ERA, mixed 1:1 with IsoSil (siloxane clear sealer) and 4/5 parts of clean water. After 4-5 hours apply the lime finishing coat.
  • Pre-existing chalking lime plasters: remove damaged and peeling areas with an adequate tool or high-pressure washing; apply one priming coat consisting of ERA mixed 1:1 with IsoSil (siloxane clear sealer) and 4-5 parts of clean water. After a few hours smooth the wall with one coat of Marmur Intonachino, if necessary. Wait at least 4-6 hours prior to the application of ERA lime paint.
  • Old synthetic paints and plasters: remove the synthetic finishing coat with a paint remover containing no paraffin.. Wash the substrate by means of a high-pressure washing and prepare it according to its nature and following the instructions above.

Stain effects, patinas or transparent glazes maybe achieved with Antiche Patine mixed with Lattedicalce and applied over Era lime paint with any tool, at least 12 hours after the second coat. Exclusive of scaffholding, inclusive of flooring, frames and plant protection.

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