Decorative metallic coating, with a strong visual feel

Mi-Ku is an acrylic coating for the interior decoration of walls, that allows to achieve a variety of different visual effects, from highly textured to totally smooth. Mi-Ku is made of selected aggregates, synthetic binders, and rheological modifying agents, which help create an easy to apply material. Mi-Ku is available as a base, to tint with Novacolor tinting system, “Mixcolor 2010”.

“THE CITYVISION concept" assumes that a city is much more than just a pure space, but a living place with its own life and memory: a place that although has no original soul, acquires one, thanks to the people who live it.

HYPNOSE, VISIONNAIRE and MI-KU are the first "children" of this new project: materials and effects made to decorate the new urban spaces.

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MI-KU Catalogue

MI-KU Catalogue
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