Emerging architectural Trends for 2014

Architecture, like most things in life, undergoes continues changes. What's trendy and considered to be useful today is seen as pointless old hat tomorrow. Here are a few architectural trends to look out for this year.

Passive Design

The passive design concept has actually been fairly strong on the European market for some time now, but it is expected to conquer global markets in 2014. In essence, passive buildings work with the existing climate and do not require any external technology in order to cool/ heat interiors. Elements of passive design include for example:

  • Double or Triple Glazing 
  • Window positioning to take maximum advantage of sun (warmth and light)
  • Tight sealing and quality insulation to allow standard appliances to provide most of heating
  • Use of overhangs to keep temperatures down in summer
  • Energy generating technology (i.e. PV panels, solar hot water, ground-source based heat pumps)

In particular civic and public spaces are expected to increasingly adopt the principles of passive design over the coming months.

Smaller Houses

Increasing desire to decrease carbon footprints, simplify life and escape the dreaded debt-trap is resulting in homes becoming smaller. Built from high-spec materials and combining stylish modern sensibilities with energy-efficient and passive design features, 'tiny' living spaces can be expected to be integrated more and more into high density and social housing schemes, as well as becoming more and more popular within the private housing market during 2014.

Synergy of Architecture and Technology

Technology changes at an impossible rate, and devices used every day are becoming ever more sophisticated. Innovative use of technology as part of architecture is set to make a particular impact in security and public life areas. Examples of such technology include text-sending rubbish bins alerting their owners/ managers to the fact that they are almost full; talking pavements and lamp-posts with the ability to detect and report street fights to the police. 

On a more personal, in-home level, use of energy-efficient design elements like solar panels, for instance, will also increase steadily. Essentially, the technology integrated into buildings of all kinds of buildings/ architecture is aimed at improving accessibility, sustainability and safety.

Sky Gardens

In an attempt to bring more green spaces into cities, more and more high-rise towers are likely to be fitted with roof-top gardens - if nothing else, they will serve to justify the presence of such buildings and minimise the outrage erecting them in previously 'green spaces' often causes.

DIY Homes

It appears that self-building homes is also on the increase. This is largely due to the fact that the UK's coalition government is releasing both funds and HCA (Homes & Communities Agency) plots to encourage members of the public to build their own homes. While cynics may see this as an attempt by this government to free themselves of the responsibility to provide housing for an ever increasing population, others see this as a step into the right direction, as it does seem to bring the dream of owning a house a little closer to affordable reality.

Pre-Fab Housing

No longer inflexible and clumsy in design, pre-fabricated homes include structural elements that are perfect for overcoming tight high-spec project deadlines and difficult design challenges. Experimental elements, such as, for instance, modular houses incorporating moveable rooms that can grow or shrink according to family requirements, will definitely be a growing part of the architectural scene this year.

Architecture and Novacolor

The real beauty is that, while many of these trends may change the way we live forever, Novacolor products - from polished plasters to decorative finishes and anything in between - can be used and look stunning in any environment, from solid, brick and mortar homes built centuries ago to ultra-modern pre-fab houses fitted with the latest in technology. Whether you are decorating a vast working or living environment or beautifying a tiny living space, there is a product available to match the task perfectly. To learn more about our products, visit us online or call our experts on Tel.: 0207 736 9876.